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Easy Multi-Channel Integration

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The main purpose of the 360 Automation Manager is to simplify your many communications by integrating multiple forms, or channels, of communication into a single automated structure.


Use events in one application, such as sending an email, to trigger actions by another channel, such as sending an SMS message. You are able to connect multiple channels with simple links.


This feature makes it simple to connect with each customer on their preferred mode of communication. Some customers may prefer email, while some may want quick SMS or voice reminders when they are on the go.


Each channel has its own ideal purpose. SMS, for example, is a great way to send out coupons that customers can use while shopping in your store.


Let's say you created a signup form where customers could select SMS or email as the way they would like to be contacted. Data collected from the signup form will automatically be added into your 360 Automation Manager campaign, and subscribers will begin to receive messages in whatever way they have selected.


This feature is meant to easily and efficiently integrate data from multiple sources into a well-organized campaign. No matter what type of communication you are using, the 360 Automation Manager has it covered.


Once you are logged in to our application:


In the 360 editor, simply drag and drop the elements you wish to use (such as email, signup form and others).


You can input however many elements you need then just drag the arrow links from one element to another to connect them.


Individual features have tool tips in order to assist you while creating your campaign.


Elements are separated by individual category to assist with organization.



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