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Easy SMS Creation

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SimplyCast's SMS marketing tool is quick and easy to use and has all the features you need. No tech skills are needed, just the message you want to send.


Add your opt-in list and use our editor to enter your message. The counter will keep you in check so you don't go over 140 characters and you can also add a merge tag.


Once you add your message, you can send right away or schedule for another time.


Before sending, there is a preview option so you can see what the text will look like on a standard smartphone.


Ready to use? Sign up for your free account. If not, read how to use.

To create a mass text message, start by going to the SMS dashboard. Click "Create New Project" and follow the steps. The wizard will take you through uploading a list, verifying proper opt-in credentials and adding your message.
Once you have entered the message, you can move on to the options which include sending or scheduling.
The whole process is very easy and takes only a few minutes.
Now you know more about easy SMS creation, sign up for a free account.

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