SimplyCast - Easy Unsubscribe Process

Easy Unsubscribe Process



With any type of marketing, you need a simple unsubscribe process in place.


With our voice broadcasting tool, the unsubscribe process could not be any easier.


You have three voice mail options, with the third being no option to unsubscribe whatsoever.


The client can press 9 and hear a voice message that you record or they can press 9 and get a recording that we provide.


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To choose which unsubscribe voice mail options you want to add to your voice broadcasting campaign, first go to the dashboard.


After creating a new project or editing an already created campaign, the options are on the right.


You can use the drop-down to select press 9 (our message), press 9 (your message) and leave no message.


This choice will be associated with the entire campaign.


Once you have made your choice, click "Save."


Now you know more about the voice unsubscribe process, sign up for a free account.


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