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Easy-to-Use Editor

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The 360 Automation Manager is a comprehensive tool with many different features and options, but we have focused on making it as simple as possible to use.


The editor should feel familiar, as it is similar to our email editor. Connect multiple channels of communication with a simple drag and drop interface.


Every step of the campaign creation process has tool tips to help you perfect all the details. The process is broken into several comprehensive steps, and the platform will check each element of your campaign before you send, and alert you if there are any problems.


You can go back and change anything at any time. Just make sure you click "Save."


Let's say you are creating a campaign that will remind people when their subscription for a magazine is about to expire. Drag and drop each element that you would like to use onto the editing area.


Enter a unique date for each customer, set up the platform to send different messages to different customers based on how they made payments and so on.


You can enter unique fields that the platform will use to make decisions, such as "Payment Method," "Purchase Date" and whatever else you need. You can schedule messages to be sent out after a certain amount of time when a customer makes a purchase. The platform can send out a thank you message automatically when you receive a payment.


The editor makes your entire campaign simple to create and completely customizable. 


Once you are logged in to our editor:


The editor is much the same as our email editor, but with different options. You select the element you wish to use and drop it onto the editing area. Create connections by pulling built-in arrows from one element to another.


You can connect elements based on decisions made by people, time delays and time filters. Simply click on any element to edit that element. All elements and features have information pop-ups to assist in campaign creation.



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