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Dedicated IP Address

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A dedicated IP address is one that is used only by you or your company to send emails from. Dedicated IPs are static and do not change and since the IP does not change, the history and reputation of the IP belongs to the customer using it.


This does not mean you can stop worrying about deliverability. Even with a dedicated IP, deliverability is not as easy as transmitting an email message from one server to the recipient's server and hoping it will reach the intended inbox. It involves an understanding of industry best practices and adhering to legal and compliance requirements to get your emails delivered.


Building a solid reputation using a Private IP takes time, and the only way to do it is by sending legitimate emails and following best practices. After 3-6 months of sending legitimate emails, cleaning your lists and avoiding complaints, your reputation will be top notch.



A dedicated IP address is part of our Professional and Enterprise packages and is set up by us. Once you purchase a dedicated IP, our team takes care of all the setup and monitoring. You are then in control of your own reputation.


Remember, whether sending from a dedicated IP or a shared IP, engagement is key. More and more ISPs are moving toward engagement to decide whether to send your mail to the inbox or the junk folder. By having your subscribers open, click through and respond to your mail, deliverability will remain successful.

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