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Fax Auto-Retry Capabilities



The beauty of our fax marketing tool is that once you enter your message the rest is pretty much automated. Our software will try to deliver the fax message to each number on your list.


From time to time, numbers will not work due to the line being busy. That is why we offer an auto-retry option that will retry each number up to two times before marking it as undelivered. You can select this option before sending and specify one or two retry attempts.


This feature is handy so you get the most sends out of one campaign without having to resend later on.


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Once you reach the schedule and send part of the campaign creation process, you can select to use the auto-retry feature or not. All you need to do is use the drop-down menu to select how many retry attempts you want. If you don't want any, choose zero. Once you pick the number of retry attempts and have the rest of your campaign sending information entered, click "Save."


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