SimplyCast - Using Fax Merge Tags on Cover Pages to Personalize Blasts

Using Fax Merge Tags on Cover Pages to Personalize Blasts



Fax merge tags are a feature that allows you to personalize fax messages with contact information stored in the CRM on your contact lists. With SimplyCast, you can easily merge the fields in your lists right into your Fax Blast cover page. You can add anything that is found in the list you intend to send.


Generally, this includes a first name or a first and last name or addresses and salutations to improve the efficiency of the blasts as oppose to entering it all manually. Starting off a campaign with "Dear Steve," will be more engaging than a general intro like "Hello" and attract more attention to your faxes when compared to something generic.


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Once you are finished adding your text into your fax campaign, you can add a first name or any additionalย information you want by using the fax merge tag feature.
It is located at the top of the window, in the editor toolbar on the right and is represented with the icon of a person. Hovering over the icon will make the word "Merge" appear, which you can click.
This will give you a drop-down menu to select the merge tag you would like to insert with the options you have for each list. Just click on the merge tag in the dropdown that you would like to include to have it added where you are currently editing.
You can also preview the fax merge tag in the preview section to see how it will look when your fax blast is received.


Now you can personalize your blasts with fax merge tags, sign up for a free account and try it today.

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