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Fax Message Creation



Creating a Fax Blast should be quick and easy. With SimplyCast's fax marketing creation tools, you don't need to know any HTML, programming or have a design background.


We make it as simple as possible for anyone to create and send a fax campaign in minutes. You  just need a list of opt-in users and a message.


Enter your content into an editor or upload a PDF document that you have already created. Then edit, arrange and preview your fax message before sending.


The key to a good fax message is to get your message across while keeping the content brief. 


Ready to send a Fax Blast? Sign up for your free account. If not, read how to use.



To make a fax campaign, select fax from the menu on the left hand side of the application.


Click "Create New Project" and you will be taken to the first step in the creation process.


Give your project a name then choose whether you want to make a new template or copy an existing project. If you would prefer, you can also upload a new list before you begin the creation process.


From the "Build your Project" step, select if you want to add a PDF, add HTML into an editor or preview.


You can also manage any previous uploads on this screen as well.


You can rename, edit, preview or delete. Clicking "Edit" will open up the editor so you can enter or edit your message.


Once you are happy with how the campaign previews, you can move on to the schedule and send stage of the setup wizard.


Now you know more about fax campaign creation, sign up for a free account.


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