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Fax Preview



Previewing your fax message before you send it will give you an idea of what the recipients will see when they get your fax.


You should always preview your campaigns. Previews allow you to spot spelling mistakes and design issues, see if the message makes sense and check that the information is accurate. 


There is no need to send a test Fax Broadcast since you can look at the preview right on your screen.


You are also able to preview the message with merge tags that match the list you are going to send to.


Ready to send a Fax Broadcast? Sign up for your free account. If not, read how to use.




From the documents step of the creation process, you will see each campaign listed. On the right, you can click "Preview" and a window will pop up to display an accurate preview of your fax message.


On this screen, you can also print, save, zoom in and out and choose the display size you are viewing.


Once you close the preview window, you are back to the main documents page where you can proceed with editing your projects or moving on to the schedule and send stage.


Now you know how to use fax preview, sign up for a free account and send a Fax Broadcast.

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