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Fax Rate Breakdown



Before you hit send, you want to know what you are paying. This is especially true with fax marketing as there are different rates depending on where you are sending to. Different parts of the world put a premium on fax lines so of course the sending price reflects that.No matter where you are sending to, our rate breakdown will tell you exactly what you are spending before you send. The software analyzes the phone numbers and does all the calculations.The rate summary also breaks down each of your uploaded fax lists for you so you know the cost of doing business.If you want to get an idea of sending costs around the world, take a look at our International rates. Sending in Canada or the US is as low as 2 cents per page.


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The rate summary is part of the fax creation and sending process so there is nothing you need to do. It will simply show you what you are paying for on your fax send.


It will break down the list you are sending to as well as showing you all of your fax lists.


You will see the region, the prefix of the numbers, how many contacts you are sending to, the rate and the final cost.


Once you are content with the cost and have no more changes to do to your list or fax campaign, hit "Next" to proceed.


Now that you know how to use the rate summary, sign up for a free account.

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