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Full Form Management

One of the best features of SimplyCast's online form generator is how easy it is to manage multiple forms at once usingย full form management.

You can have an unlimited amount of lists, meaning you can create many forms that generate results. Every form you have made is listed under the tab "Forms" on the dashboard. This allows you to quickly see what forms are active and if you need to get the HTML code to add them to your site it is right there. If you have multiple websites, landing pages or blogs, being able to see all of your forms in one place makes managing a snap.


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To manage all your forms created with SimplyCast's online form generator, start by going to the Form dashboard. There is a tab called "Forms" where all your created forms are listed. Here you can create a new form or view any of your already created forms. The name, date created, whether it is published or not and the code you need to post is all listed. This makes it easy to find the form you want and edit or change the status of the form
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