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Update on Portable HTML:


This feature is out of date, and may be found on some older, grandfathered packages, however, is no longer available, and is not supported. This is because the feature was unreliable and caused some issues with customers' web pages. That being said, we do offer a script code and an iframe code, the former of which will adjust to your CSS, in order to keep the same look and feel as your site.


By using our online HTML form generator, we make it easy to add a form to your website without knowing one bit of HTML code. You build the form using drag and drop technology, edit each field how you want it and click "Next." Our software automatically generates HTML code that you paste into your website. The form is ready to begin gathering user information as soon as you implement it.


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From the dashboard, create a new project and add the features and elements you want in your form. Customize it to match your website and once you are all done, go to the "Form" tab and click "Get Code" next to the project that you just made. You have different options from this point on using the online HTML form generator. You can grab the form URL to share, get the form iframe or javascript for your website and finally the straight HTML code that most will be familiar with. Add the code to the section of your website and you are all set.
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