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An HTML email is nothing but a web page that is optimized and prepared for the inbox. If you can code your own web page you can code your own HTML email templates. Not an expert coder? No worries. Most email marketing services provide you with built-in templates that you can use instead.SimplyCast actually gives you access to a Simple Editor that you can use to create as many HTML emails as you want, without knowing how to code. It is designed to be easy to use, with a drag and drop interface.


When designing HTML emails, the editor is your main tool for creation.

When designing HTML emails from scratch, you can enter your content and then hit the "Source" button to view the HTML code.
If you are not a programmer and don't want to play with the code, we suggest avoiding editing in the source code.
Many clients have prebuilt templates in HTML that they simply copy and paste into our service. That works fine but if you need help we offer plenty of HTML templates for you to use as is, or to alter.

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