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Image Hosting

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Store all images for your newsletters within your SimplyCast account. This makes it easy to manage your images and use them again for future sends.


Images and files can be uploaded and used within all of your emails for free and our image gallery makes it easy for you to organize and track your file library.


Hosting images yourself could lead to problems if your server is slow or not working at the time when you send your email.


Depending on the package you use, the level of storage increases. The basic package can host up to 100 MBs of images, while the enterprise plan can store a staggering 5 GBs worth of images.


When using mass emailing programs, during the uploading stage you will see every image you have added before and have the option to use them again.


This is especially handy for those who use the same templates over and over.


When you access your image management dashboard, you have the option to upload more, delete images you don't use anymore and add attributes such as ALT tags and fixed dimensions.


Each SimplyCast pricing plan has an elevated level of storage space which ranges from 10MB to as much as 5 GB.

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