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Import and Export Client Data


When it comes to a powerful contact management solution, you need easy access to import and export your data. Many companies switch vendors over a period of time and that means taking client lists with them. There is also the need to further analyze data and some prefer to do it outside of the contact manager. If you are coming from another service and want to import your client data, we make it easy to do. You can also easily export data. The SimplyCast contact management tool makes it easy to have full control of your contact data.


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To import a list using the contact management tool, it is the same as creating a new list within SimplyCast.From the dashboard, click New List and then From File to import a list. You will be asked to choose the file you want to import and how many columns it will have. Once uploaded you can start sending or further manage the list. For exporting, you will need at least one list already added to your account. From the dashboard, first click on the list you want to export. Then click on the Export tab and you will be given three options. CSV, XML or MS XLS. These are the formats you can choose from to send the list data to your computer. A popup will ask you what fields you want to export. Check off all the ones you want. Once this is done, click export CSV.
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