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Mitigate Incidents

Mitigate any incident or service disruption with the help of a robust incident management software.


What is incident management software?


Incident management software is a set of online tools that have been designed to help organizations with the management and mitigation of events of various levels of urgency. The software often includes tools to help with mass notification efforts, personnel call-outs, and general two-way communication, along with comprehensive reporting capabilities for post-incident analysis.


What makes a good incident management software?


The ideal incident management software is an all-in-one solution, with all the capabilities listed above located in one central platform for efficient access and ease of use. Navigating multiple screens and platforms creates confusion and greatly slows down the reaction time of incident managers. Visual and flexible dashboards are helpful in creating a common operating picture with elements and reports that can be shared between organizations whenever needed.


Asset management is another key component that should be included in the software. One of the most important aspects of dealing with a situation is being able to know what assets are available, where they are located, as well as their status. A mapping interface is a useful addition in order to provide visuals of these assets and track their activity and usage throughout the incident.


Where can you find it?


SimplyCast offers its own solution to incident management software, with its emergency communications software, EmergHub. With its Event and Command Hub applications, you are able to create and manage incident plans all from a central location. Share vital data with relevant stakeholders and ensure everyone is up to speed with the latest information.


If you would like to learn more about SimplyCast's incident management capabilities, contact our team today! We will be glad to provide you with all the information you need regarding our emergency communication tools.

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