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Increase Auto Sales with SMS Promotions

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Automated SMS Promotions

Send automatically-targeted SMS promotions to customers based on their individual vehicles and preferences. Since you already are tracking who has looked at and bought certain cars in the past, you can now start to send them timely deals for their future purchases. The initial offer may not work, but the customer will start to expect the messages and become more loyal to your brand for when they do intend on buying. Building loyalty takes time and SMS promotions are a perfect way to provide value while not bombarding your customers with deals and messages.


Using a shortcode can help with setting up and managing these special deals. By having a shortcode dedicated to the specific promotion, you can have your clients and prospective clients text the number to receive more information about the deal and to accept it when they are ready to make their next purchase. Another way to make your clients feel like they are receiving special treatment and exclusive deals is to use merge tags in your SMS messages. This will further personalize the messages and tailor it to each specific recipient. Your SMS promotions will feel less like they are coming from a mass, automated send and more like they are being sent from an individual. Your customers like feeling special so you should do everythingย in your power to help make them feel that way.


The SMS tool can help automate all your SMS promotions to help reduce your workload while also increasing your sales and revenue. Set up a shortcode keyword, create your message content, and schedule your SMS campaign. All your promotion messages will be sent automatically while you are focusing on all your other important tasks. Be sure to contact us if you would like any more information on how you can use SMS promotions to increase your sales! 

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