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Insert Images into Fax



In order to make your fax blasts engaging, you need to add at least one image. Due to the nature of the fax machine, you don't want to go overboard on images as they will just add to printing time.


Our editor makes this option very easy with the click of a button. You can upload and insert images and then arrange the placement.


You don't have to worry about storage space as the smallest of packages provides enough to store hundreds of images.


Our editor also offers different options for images that you insert. You can change their dimensions by dragging them bigger or smaller. 


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Inserting images is easy. Click where you want to add the image and then using the "Add Images" button to upload and insert.


During the uploading stage, you will also see any other images you have added before and have the option to use them again. This is especially handy for those who reuse the same templates.


Our servers are highly monitored and make your sending speed as fast as possible.


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