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Leave A Message Options



Looking for voice mail options? If an answering machine or voice mail picks up, you can choose to leave a message or you can leave no message at all.


By leaving a message, it at least gives your client a chance to learn what you were trying to tell them. Not leaving a message is totally up to you but it is a best practice to leave one.


You may want to add that option when you are collecting user data and give people the choice to receive voice messages or not.


Contests or timely messages may not warrant a message, so this is why there is the option to not leave one.


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From the dashboard, after you upload or enter your message, there is an options box.


Use the drop-down menu where it says "If an answering machine picks up." The choices are to leave a message or hang up.


Whatever you select here, the software will automatically do that for every single call.


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