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Limit Number of Submissions


If you want to avoid having duplicate signups or duplicate answers from your HTML web forms, you can limit the number and types of submissions you get.


To do this, you can limit or block certain IP addresses and also limit how many people total can use the form.


Instances where this could be useful is if you are looking to generate data and you want a specific sample size. Set the limit to 100 for example so you have a set number of people answering.


If you leave it at 0, it will be unlimited.


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To add specific limits on your HTML web forms, you can find them in the settings step of the process.


Once you have created your form and moved to the settings step, you can limit submissions based on IP and total number or signs ups.


You can block IP addresses which would stop those users from being able to use the form.


You can set a limit on how many times someone from the same IP can use the form.


Finally, you can set a total number of users who can use the form.


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