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List Segmentation


Segmentation allows you to direct your emails to specific individuals based on their unique likes, dislikes, purchasing history and more. This is where the data you collect and request is important. Having this information helps you to reach the right target market every time you send out a marketing blast. Mass messages that are sent out to everyone on your list can sometimes backfire, creating bad will and a feeling that the company doesn't value its clients. This can add to your unsubscribe totals and maybe even get you a few spam complaints. With segmentation, each different category gets its own specific messages, targeted to address customers unique needs. This gives an impression of caring and consideration that clients react well to, making your marketing efforts more likely to trigger a positive response.


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Segmenting your lists is easy within the SimplyCast Contact Management application. First, you select the list you want to further break down and select Segment from the Tools option.
To create a new list you can choose from details such as soft bounces, hard bounces, status, email, first name, and last name. Then you can save your new list with a new segment name.
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