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Mail merge allows you to add a personal touch to each of your mass email messages. Sure, you are sending to thousands at a time but even the smallest bit of personalization could make the difference. Add a first name, last name or any other piece of client info you have gathered to your email or subject line.


Readers prefer to get an email starting with Dear Jack instead of Dear Customer. If a reader sees their name in a subject line they will also be more inclined to check it out.


Whichever parameter you choose will be included in every email you send. Just make sure your information is correct!




Once you have already uploaded client lists, you can simply choose the list from the drop-down menu to add mail merge data. If you want to add the person's name, you would click at the start of the message, type Dear and then select your mail merge list.


For first name it will add something similar to %%First Name%% to your message. When your message sends it will pull the First Name information from your list and it will appear as Dear Jack.


Adding merge tags is a best practice when using a mass email service to grow business.

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