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Multiple IP Addresses

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The SimplyCast Blacklist IP Monitor allows you to add, maintain, monitor, and view listing information for multiple IP addresses all at the same time. Monitor and receive listing and de-listing notifications for multiple IP addresses to stay informed of any changes to the IP addresses you are monitoring using the application.


Within the Blacklist Monitor application, you are able to add as many IP addresses as your subscription allows and see whether any of them have been listed on any of the more than 40 common blacklists SimplyCast checks against. When adding multiple IP addresses, you can help differentiate them by writing a brief note under the address.


Viewing Your Multiple IP Addresses


You can view all of your added IP addresses on the main Blacklist Monitor Dashboard and click the blue arrow button next to the Edit button and view the report for that IP address by selecting the appropriate option. The report will show you the list of all the blacklists SimplyCast checks against and if any of these lists are colored red, then the IP address has been listed. Information is provided to you on how you can remove the IP address from any particular blacklist so you can get itย whitelisted again as soon as possible.


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If you have any questions about adding or removing IP addresses from the Blacklist Monitor application, do not hesitate to contact our helpful Support Team whoย are always happy to help with these or any other questions you may have. You can contact them at or by phone atย 1-902-835-8974 ext. 2.


Are you interested in learning more about the SimplyCast Blacklist Monitor application? Contactย the SimplyCast Sales Team at or clickย on the button below today to obtain a free quote. 


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