SimplyCast - Multiple Sender Addresses

Multiple Sender Addresses



If you want your campaigns to be sent from multiple email addresses, that's not a problem. You not only have a default email that you will send from but you can also add multiple sending addresses to the account.


This allows you to have any replies go to the correct person or department even though you are sending it from the same SimplyCast account.


Add as many sender addresses as you want. Once you have verified an email address (including the person's sending name), you are able to use it.



You can select different sender addresses in the "From" line of your email campaigns when you are ready to send them. You can also send test messages to these email addresses.


When you add a new sender address, a confirmation email will be sent to that address. Before you can use the address to send e-mail campaigns, you must confirm it by clicking on the link contained in the confirmation email.


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