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Newsletter Scheduling



Once you have your email newsletter all ready, you can either send right away or schedule the send ahead of time. The great thing about scheduling is that your campaign will automatically send whenever you need it to.

Scheduling also helps you be consistent with your sending, which subscribers really appreciate. They know in advance when to expect your emails, and it increases opens, clicks and overall engagement.

Scheduling will also help you stick to a creation schedule. If you know you send your newsletter every Wednesday, you can have it completed and scheduled early and not have to worry about remembering to send it. Marketing automation is all about saving time to let you focus on other areas of your business.



When you reach the "Send" step in the creation process, you will be given the option to send right away or select a date and time for sending.


The very first box on the schedule section allows you to pick the exact date and time you want your mailing to begin. There is a simple date selector that pops up, and it will save whatever time you schedule.


Make sure you select your timezone so you don't get confused. Once you pick your time, add a subject line, sender name and sender email. Then all you need to do is choose a list within the mass emailing program to send to and hit next. Your email is now scheduled.


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