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One-Click App Creation


Everything today is all about apps. Creating apps, downloading apps and of course, buying and downloading apps to use. SimplyCast makes it very easy to create your own apps that can be added to your company Facebook page. This helps engage, inform and keep in touch with your Facebook fans (who ideally also become a client).


With our Facebook marketing application, you can easily create an app that displays your latest newsletter sent using our email marketing service. Add a signup form to your Facebook page to collect user data so you can contact them at a later date. Post an online survey to your Facebook page that would be listed on the page and be tracked within your SimplyCast account. Finally, you can create an Event widget that will feature any upcoming events for your company. All of these apps are based on outputting your campaigns that were created in your SimplyCast account.


In short, you create the campaign from start to finish, whether it is a newsletter, survey or signup form, then you can easily add it to your company Facebook page.


Ready to use? Sign up for your free account. If not, read how to use.

Creating a Facebook app for your company page is easy and only takes a few minutes. Start by going to the Facebook marketing dashboard. Click create new project and you will be taken to the opening step where you name your project and select the type of project you want. For app creation, you will choose either signup form, survey, events listing or newsletter. Schedule posts is a different type of project altogether. Each type of app only needs to be set up once and after that the posting will be automatic. If it is your very first time using the Facebook tool, you also need to add your Facebook account, so everything is linked. This can be done from the Facebook dashboard by clicking on the accounts tab. To add the app to your Facebook page, first make sure you are logged into your Facebook account and then follow the steps to link everything together.
Now you know more about using the Facebook marketing application, sign up for a free account.

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