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Believe it or not, but fax marketing is a viable, profitable strategy and online fax software makes it easier than ever before.


One of the biggest complaints from marketers trying to leverage fax marketing is how long and manual the process can be. Imagine having to stand by a fax machine and send individual faxes to contacts doesn't sound worth it, right? Now, imagine sitting down at a computer, uploading your message, and sending your fax to all your contacts at once. With online fax software, you can send a fax blast to all your contacts at once, saving you time, money, and resources that can be better spent on other aspects of your business.


With SimplyCast's online fax software you can easily create custom faxes by uploading a PDF, creating a fax in the Build a Document editor, and using the fax cover template. Once complete, select your contacts and send time โ€” it's that simple! You can even set sending restrictions and retry attempts to ensure your fax gets through at the time and day you wish it to.


When you couple SimplyCast's online fax software with SimplyCast 360's powerful automation capabilities, you can take your fax marketing to the next step.


Easily create a custom automated fax campaign that sends based on your specified decision logic. Only want to send to contacts within a specific region? Only want to send to contacts that have engaged with your email newsletter? By using SimplyCast 360ย with SimplyCast's fax marketing tool, all of this and more is possible. You can now offer your contacts personalized fax marketing campaigns without ever even touching a fax machine!


Ready to get started with online fax software?


Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our online fax software! Our team would be happy to help you find theย fax marketing solution that best meets your needs as well as create a custom package just for you! 


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