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An open rate is expressed as a percentage of the total number of recipients who viewed or opened your e-mail campaigns.


Open tracking is measured using an < img > tag embedded in the HTML code of your outgoing emails. This code causes a small, transparent tracking image (not visible to the recipient) to launch when an email is opened. When the image is launched, an "open" is recorded for that recipient. SimplyCast compiles real-time, easy-to-interpret reports showing the percentage of opens and who opened your email.


Because open tracking is done using a small image in each send, you cannot accurately track plain text emails.


Some recipients may open the e-mail campaigns but will not enable images, so this metric will be somewhat inaccurate. Nevertheless, open rate remains a useful gauge of email campaign performance.

You can view your open rates for all e-mail campaigns in the reports section. This can be accessed from the email marketing dashboard and then exported if needed.Need access for more than one person? Then use multi-user accounts to give controlled access.

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