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Opt-In Settings

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Using HTML web forms is the best way to build opt-in lists. You should avoid buying or renting lists as you have no idea where the data came from. With an online form, you have total control of your clean lists.


With the opt-in settings you can control the type of opt-in you want to offer. This could either be having the user reply to an email to prove verification or just click a link.


Single opt-in requires the subscriber to click a link to subscribe; double requires them to reply to the requested email in order to be added to the list.


You can also set the reply email. The default email is the one associated with the account.


Finally, you can edit and customize the email message.


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To add or update your opt-in settings, start by going to the form builder dashboard.


Once you create your form, you will be taken to the settings step of the process. The opt-in setting is third in the list and allows you to choose between single or double opt-in.


Choose between having the new sign up reply to a confirmation email, or click a link in a confirmation email.


Then set the reply address for any questions and update the submission message if need be.


Now you know more about opt-in settings, sign up for a free account.



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