SimplyCast - Pipeline Manager: Create Custom Pipelines

Pipeline Manager: Create Custom Pipelines

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With SimplyCast's Pipeline Manager, users create custom pipelines to organize and manage leads.


What is a Pipeline Manager?


To begin, a pipeline (also known as a sales funnel) is a monitorable process that you can use to sort your leads so you know exactly where each one is in the buying cycle. A pipeline can also be used for non-sales tactics as well as a way to track where contacts are in your custom stages. With the Pipeline Manager, you can create a custom pipelines process in which you can decide the right stages for your process. SimplyCast's Pipeline Manager is fully customizable, which gives you the ability to set up your process exactly how you need.


How Does it Benefit Me?


By having the ability to organize your contacts into pipelines and sort them, you are able to see what your leads/contacts are buying and at what stage of the sales process. Having this information allows you to refine your process to maximize your ROI. You can also automate certain stages of the process by using the Pipeline Manager in tandem with SimplyCast 360. Whether it's automatic or manual, create your own pipeline and move your leads through it all the way to conversion. Each organization will have different variables, so SimplyCastmade the pipeline manager very flexible. Now you can easily see what stage of the nurturing cycle each contact is at. It's that easy. If you'd like to begin optimizing your sales process and seeing results, contact SimplyCast today. A member of the team would be happy to help you find the custom package that best suits your needs. 


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