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Plain text emails use text only without any HTML or design attributes. You should always add a plain text version in every email you send.


The main benefit of plain text emails is that everyone can read the content. Plain text can sometimes be better than HTML depending on what you are sending. Frequent updates, news feeds and content that needs to be quickly scanned can look much better in plain text.


People who check email on their mobile device may not want to download images and HTML. And some people just prefer plain text.



There are two different ways to use plain text. First, you can make a completely plain text email which will not have any HTML or design attributes.


From the Name Project step, you would give your campaign a name and then select "Text Only." You would enter your text and then send.


Remember, you can't bold or add any style. Want to add a URL? Just type out the full URL ( and it will appear as an active link when you send.


Secondly, for all your HTML newsletters, you can add a plain text version pretty easily. Our service will add it automatically based on what you add into the HTML editor. You also have the option to edit the plain text before you send.


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