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Pricing Estimate Before Send



Before you send your voice messages to your client list using our voice broadcasting solution, you will want to know roughly what the cost will be. With the cost set at 5 cents/minute for continental US & Canada, the software will go through your list and check the area codes and match it with the rate. Then a rough cost will be displayed.


This can be done before the campaign is even finalized. As long as a list is uploaded the calculations can be made.


Keep in mind it is only an estimate but it will give you a good idea of prices, especially if you are sending to several places.


You can also take a look at the full pricing for voice and see what different sending volumes are listed at.


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During voice campaign creation, after you have entered your message, selected your options and a list, you are taken to the price estimate step. Here it will show you the cost based on what area codes you are sending to. Please note that this cost assumes that all calls are answered. If countries are missing from the listing it is because sometimes we have to enable new countries specifically for our clients. From this screen, click "Next" to move to the cross-check page.


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