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Detailed Reports

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Having access to detailed reporting and acting on it is what separates the successful marketers from the rest. After you send out your email campaigns, numerous statistics are tracked and compiled for you to view.


Interactive graphs will show you how many emails were delivered, how many opened your email, what percentage clicked on a link and so much more.


You can find out which email addresses bounced and who unsubscribed.


Your reports are available in your account in real-time. Check your stats as many times as you want. They are available 24 hours a day.

From the email dashboard, select the "Reports" tab to see all your campaigns organized by date. From there, you can see how many people have opened your email, unsubscribed and clicked on your links. These numbers are as close to real-time as we can make them.
The "Reports" page for each campaign is broken into sections to help you find what you are looking for.
The overview lists all the details for the campaign sent including title, subject line and so on.
The summary breaks down the overall success of your send using a pie chart that displays opens and non-opens.
The next section is on link data. You can see how many clicks each link got and the full details of who did the clicking.
Finally, you can review your unopened data and bounced emails.

It should be noted that all bounce related data for email campaigns is delayed by 24 hours.

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