SimplyCast - Reservationless Conference Calls

Reservationless Conference Calls

Streamline your business and emergency teleconferences with the help of reservationless conference calls.


How is this possible?


SimplyCast's Instant Teleconference application includes a dial-out capability as well as the more traditional call-in methods to increase the efficiency of your business's conference calls.


How do I use this feature?


To take advantage of the reservationless conference calls feature, schedule your teleconferenceย using the SimplyCast platform. Using the contact information in the CRM, select your teleconference participants. When the teleconference is due to begin, the Instant Teleconference tool will use the contact information stored in the CRM to dial out to the teleconference participants without them needing to worry about remembering the dial-in number.


What's the benefit of reservationless conference calls?


Imagine you're in the midst of dealing with an incident or disruption. With so much to think about, you might accidentally forget about a scheduled teleconference. Having a system that remembers for you and dials out to your phone when it's time to start the call makes teleconferencing much more convenient and efficient. No more waiting for all participants to dial in and, with a visual dashboard interface, you can always know who is and is not on the call. This saves more time by eliminating the need for roll call at the beginning of the conference. The host immediately sees who is available and can mute one or multiple participants to ensure an organized call.


Want to make your teleconferences more efficient?


Contact the SimplyCast Team today to see just how Instant Teleconference can make your conference calls more streamlined with features like reservationless conference calls, muting capability, host support, and more! We would be happy to show you more of what we have to offer in terms of tools and services to help increase efficiency in your business or organization.

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