SimplyCast - Review Checklist: Email

Review Checklist: Email



The Review Checklist page is the final check performed before the email newsletter is sent. It will go over your whole campaign and point out anything that is stopping you from sending or suggest areas you may want to go back and change. 


Examples of what could be flagged are missing account details like your verified sending address or a shortage of credits needed to send to the size of the list you have chosen.


All elements are analyzed before sending and the system will point out anything that must be fixed before your campaign can be sent.



The Review Checklist stage is the last section of the setup wizard. For any element that needs attention, you can easily go back into your campaign and edit.


Then go to the sending step again to see if the Review Checklist page is all complete. This automated step works the same as if one of our team members was sitting there and watching each campaign go out. 


Once you have all "Complete" and you are happy with your content, the "Next" button will send your campaign. 

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