SimplyCast - Review Checklist: SMS

Review Checklist: SMS

The review checklist notifies you of any issues with your scheduled SMS campaign so you can correct them before you send.

If there are any issues that have been identified within your campaign, you will be able to return to the appropriate stage of the setup process and make any required adjustments.

Each section of your campaign will have one of three different icons located next to it: 

  • Green with a checkmark: This icon means that this section of your SMS campaign has been correctly configured and no issues have been identified.
  • Yellow with an exclamation mark: This icon means that something in this section of the SMS campaign may not have been configured fully or in the ideal way. Your campaign will still be able to be sent.
  • Red with an X: This icon means that there is something wrong with in this section of the campaign and you will need to take action before the SMS campaign will be able to be sent.

Once all sections of the review checklist have a green icon (or a yellow icon) next to them, you will be able to complete the setup process and schedule your campaign or send it immediately.

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