SimplyCast - Schedule SMS Messages Online to Send Automatically

Schedule SMS Messages Online to Send Automatically



Once you have created your message, you now have the option to schedule SMS messages to send right away or pick another time in the future.


With SimplyCast's SMS tool, you can schedule text messages online to go out over a period of time with the simple day and time selector; our system will automatically take care of the sending exactly as you schedule it. Having the ability to schedule SMS messages allows you to automate the communication process. Simply create the content you wish to send and then select the day and time youย want to send your message.SimplyCast's SMS tool allows you to have many varying SMS campaigns running in the background while you focus on your important day-to-day operational and business tasks and objectives.


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To schedule SMS texts, first you must create your message. Follow the steps to create a new project and once you are on the schedule step there will be a date and time picker.
That is where you can either send now or schedule SMS messages for later on.
This gives you full control over when you are contacting your list of subscribers and makes it easy to set up a full campaign with reminders.
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