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Set Participant Limit


Control the survey sample size of your online survey by setting a participant limit. This is the number of people allowed to take your survey before it closes or is no longer available. If you want as many people as possible to take your survey, then there is no need to set a limit. This can be handy if you want to have specific numbers to take your survey. Letting the first 1,000 people take it will give you a round number to share with your team. This can also be handy if you offer any kind of deal to the first 30 people to take your survey. Once the limit has been reached, no one else will be able to access your online survey. You can also decide whether users can retake the survey or not.


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To set a participant limit for your survey, you need to go to the survey options step of the creation process. Just enter the limit you want and save. If you do not want to add a limit to how many people can take your survey, just leave the field blank. Once you have entered or enabled all the options you want, click next to move forward in the survey creation process.
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