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Short URL Creation

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The great thing about link tracking is that it automatically creates a short URL that you can use anywhere. Link tracking with short URL is great for saving space and it also makes it possible to track. Short URLs or links are great for masking links that you don't want users to see, such as affiliate marketing links or special promotion links that could be abused in the wrong hands. Long URLs are difficult to memorize and manually reproduce. As a result, long URLs must be copied and pasted. Short URLs may be more convenient for websites or hard copy publications (e.g. a printed magazine or a book), the latter often requiring that long strings be broken into multiple lines. Link tracking with short URLs is also great for marketing that does not allow someone to actually click. This could be a TV ad or newspaper promotion. The short URL is easy to remember and track. Short URLs can also be customized to help brand your company or monitor conversion rates. Do keep in mind that some websites prevent short or redirected URLs from being used.


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Essentially, every link you submit to track becomes a short URL. That is what the link tracking tool provides and it is how the actual tracking is done. To create a short URL, go to the link tracking dashboard and click the "New" button. A pop-up with two fields will appear. One field is for the link you want to shorten and the other is there if you want to add a group name. The group name is not needed but it will help you keep things organized if you have a lot of tracking links. Once you enter these two pieces of information, click "Create."The link will now appear at the bottom of your tracking link list. You can use your short URL when sending an SMS message, as a way to use your limited space efficiently, as well as in any visual ad campaigns, by providing an easy-to-remember website address that subscribers can use to find you and your site. You can also use short URLs within the web tracking function of the application. Once you have created your short URL tracking link that appears on the bottom of the list. you will be able to monitor engagement with that link by seeing how many clicks and interactions it gets. This allows you to gauge how well your site is functioning and helps you to determine whether any changes need to be made.
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