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The Simple Editor

image of a sample email campaign created in the simple editor

To create a stunning newsletter with our mass email service, not only do you need the right message but you also need the right tool to build it. Our editor is simple to use and offers the most features.


SimplyCast has taken all the best attributes from editors on the market today and combined them to create the Simple Editor, an editor built from the ground up with the SimplyCast user in mind.


You don't need to have a programming degree, a design background or even an interest in computers to successfully use this editor. 


Features include the ability to add custom styles either on one section or project-wide, automatic column balancing and intuitive cell creation. 


It also has all the usual features of an editor like saving templates for future use and the full WYSIWYG editor that most people are accustomed to.


You can create great templates or use our premade ones.


To use the Simple Editor, select it from the creation types when creating a project. 


Start by selecting a template from one of the many categories. You can also search for templates by color or columns. If you want to start from scratch, choose the blank template.


From there everything is just a double-click away. Double click on the section you want and the editor will pop up at the bottom so you can enter text.


On the right side of the screen, you have all of your options that include text block, column, row, and body. Each has default settings and simple sliders to resize on the fly.


If you click on the Project tab at the top, you can publish your template as well as change other attributes and styles.


What you see in front of you is what clients will see when they get your newsletter. 

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