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SMS Mail Merge


Add a personal touch to your mobile marketing by using SMS mail merge tags. As long as you already have the data in your opt-in list, you can add a few tags to your message to include it. 

You can add a first name or phone number or any other piece of data stored in your list. 

These characters will be included in your 140 limit.

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To add merge tags, use the drop-down menu on the creation screen called "Merge Tag." Here you will see all your lists. Please note you must select a list that includes SMS contacts. 


Once you do, the tags will be added to your campaign.


One handy feature of this is you can place a limit on how many characters the merge will use. If you select 10, any name over 10 will be cut off. This saves valuable characters for your message.


You can also do a preview to get a rough idea how everything will look.


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