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Social Sharing Buttons

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With the rise of social media sites, online marketing has exploded with new ways to engage potential leads. There are many different networks and each site has its own subculture or fans.

So how do you help promote your content on them and let your readers do the work for you? By taking advantage of social sharing buttons within the mass email service to make it easy for readers to spread your links.

Internet users are all about fast action, so buttons that make it easy to share are a must. 

Newsletter readers can quickly share your message on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus in only a few seconds to help you grow your opt-in list and reach a whole new audience.



Once you have created your email newsletter in our mass email service, you can choose to add a social media bar to your campaign. Select some or all of the social networks offered and when you send your campaign it will feature the social buttons in your newsletter for each sharing.

Our software makes it easy to add these buttons but you can certainly add or tweak your own if you have a custom template.


If you don't want to use them, just don't select the option and they won't be included.

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