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Starting Points



Starting points are the points at which information enters into your 360 Automation Manager campaign.


Currently, you can use signup forms as a starting point, and you can also use the “send list at fixed time” element.


Customer data enters your 360 campaign in either of these methods.


Whenever new customer data is entered through a signup form, it will automatically get added to your 360 Automation Manager campaign so you can begin using that data right away. No need to manually add information, but of course you can if it is necessary.



Think of a signup form. If you have a signup form on your website that customers are using to subscribe to an email newsletter, their data will enter your campaign automatically through the signup form.


If they make a selection, such as their favorite type of music, that data will be integrated and used to send them decision-based messages. 


This allows for new data to be segmented and stored by the platform so you do not need to manually input and organize it.


Once you are logged in to our application:


Simply drag and drop either a signup form or a “send list at fixed time” onto the editing area.


Any list that you have successfully input into your list manager will be displayed in a drop-down menu under “send list at fixed time.” Simply choose the list you would like to use. This message will only be sent once.


If you choose signup form, data from people who fill out the form will be transferred into the 360 campaign.


Customer information from the form or from the list, whichever you select, is input directly into your 360 campaign.


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