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Status Update Reports

View reports on how each automated status update is doing. View clicks, likes, and comments with ease. As each campaign is rolled out, see stats update in real-time. Knowing who is engaging with your Facebook content and what they are liking will tell you what to keep doing. If certain content is not getting likes or comments, it could be your audience has no interest in that kind of content.


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To view the reports for your automated status updates, start from the Facebook dashboard. There you will select the Reports tab to bring you to the main Reporting page. Here you will see a list of each Facebook campaign you have created. Choose the one for which you would like to view the report. Your Facebook post reports are broken down to show the number of likes and comments as well as campaign details, such as the username associated with the post, the page name, and the date it was scheduled to be posted. You are also able to preview each Facebook post, to see how it looks by clicking on the one you would like to view from the list available.
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