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SimplyCast offers two integrated ways to distribute your survey: sending the survey by email or posting a web link. If you select survey by email, you would then go through the email marketing creation process to make a newsletter that will contain your survey link. Then send that email to your client list so they can easily click on your survey link. To review the email marketing campaign creation process, click here. If you just want a quick web link for your survey to add to social media or your website, choose the web link option. You can even make a custom link for further branding.


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On step 5 of the survey creation process you are given two options to distribute your survey campaign. First, you can choose to send in an email that you would then create with our email marketing tool. Click on the new email project button to start that process.The project name will already be filled in for you as well as the project type. Secondly, you can use a web link to distribute your survey. Click web link for two options. One is the survey web link itself. That link can be used anywhere you want. You can also click the user custom link button to make your own link that is perfect for branding or making a link that is simple to remember. Just provide the custom link and our service will check if it is available. If so, click submit. The second option is the code for the survey link to open into a new window. This is recommended if the link is going onto your website or blog. Just copy the HTML into your site where you want the survey.
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