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Time delays send messages based on how long you tell the platform to wait after an action takes place. For example, you could set up the system to email people an hour after they make an online purchase to provide them with additional information. When the person completed the purchase, the platform would wait for one hour, then email them. Time delays are great for reminders and notifications.


Let's say you are running a dental practice and you want to send customers a check-up and cleaning reminder six months after their last appointment. You would simply input customers' appointment dates and set the platform to send a reminder message to each customer six months after their individual date. Each customer would then receive a check-up and cleaning notification six months after their last dentist appointment. This feature is ideal for easily connecting with each and every customer on dates that are specific to them. You do not need to remember each customer's individual date and follow up with them. Once the platform has all the relevant data, it will contact every customer at the optimal time that you have pre-specified.
Once you are logged in to our application:
You can create a time delay in the editor by dropping it into the editing area and connecting it to a certain element. You can select how long the system waits by using the slider, and you can specify hours, days or months. The shortest possible delay is one hour and the longest is one year.

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