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Time Filters

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Time filters use specific dates as their trigger to send messages. Once information is stored in the system, and messages are created, a time filter can select dates out of the data and send messages to people on certain dates. These may be dates that will only occur once on that specific date, such as a car inspection expiring, or consistent annual dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Why try to manually organize and remember thousands of dates? Once the data is input into the 360 Automation Manager, the platform takes over and contacts each and every customer on the dates that are special to them.


You could use this feature to send birthday wishes to thousands of customers. Input each customer's birthday into a list, set the time filter and create your message. It's that simple. The 360 Automation Manager then sends personalized birthday messages on each customer's birthday so customers feel special and are impressed that you remain so engaged. You can also tell the platform to add a first name to the messages to make them even more unique. 
Once you are logged in to our application:
In the editor, you can create a time filter by dropping it into the editing area and connecting it to a certain element. You then specify what field of dates you want it to read in order to trigger the sending of messages. You would create a list containing customer data and dates, and a message that would be sent to customers on a specific date. So, if you wanted to send customers warning notifications when their car inspection was about to expire, you would enter a date (on the list) that was in advance of the expiry date (let's say, by a week). Each customer on the list has their own unique entered date, which is read by the system. On each customer's specific date, the system sends the customer a pre-created message letting them know that their inspection is about to run out.


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