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Tracking Reports


The core feature of link tracking has to be the reports. This data tells you where people are coming from and who is clicking on your links. Track total clicks and unique clicks. Also get details such as what time the link was clicked, the IP address of the person clicking, the referral address, the web browser used and more. Each is displayed in an easy-to-read spreadsheet layout. Use filters to narrow down dates and view daily reports for each link.


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To view your link tracking reports, start by going to the link tracking dashboard and clicking on the "Reports" tab. You will be brought to the main reporting page, where you can quickly see the total clicks and unique clicks for your link. Click on a link to view the report. The report is broken down into three tabs at the top of your screen: Overview, Activity, and Lead Metadata. In the Overview tab, you will be able to view:
  • An overview of the total clicks, total unique hits, the link type, and the date the link was created.
  • Tracker information, including the shortened link from the URL shortener.
  • A Performance graph for the link, showing which dates received the highest number of hits.
The Activity tab includes:
  • Pie graphs showing who used what browser and what operating system to open the link.
  • The name of the account which opened the link.
  • The time at which the link was opened.
  • Whether or not it was a unique visitor.
  • The IP address of the user who opened the link.
  • The operating system that was used to open the link.
  • The browser which was used to open the link.
The Lead Metadata tab allows you to inspect such things as:
  • Any tags associated with the link.
  • The score of the link.
  • The link clicks.
  • The ad information pertaining to the link.
  • The potential value associated with the link.
  • And more.
All of this data is collected in real-time and can be downloaded to your computer for analysis.
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