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The most satisfying part of doing online marketing is seeing those results. Whether it is a success or a failure, at least you know and can move ahead. But without detailed reports, that would not be possible. For each Twitter marketing campaign, you can see reports for each campaign, Tweet and Retweet. We have it all laid out in nice charts and spreadsheets. Each campaign will show a campaign overview, detailing the high-end info such as name of the Tweet, the number of Tweets in the campaign, and the campaign's click numbers. There are three bar graphs that will highlight the number of Tweets, Retweets, and link clicks. The Activity tab shows the Retweet details where you can see who has engaged with your posts, such as their Twitter handles, their number of followers, and whether or not they follow you. Twitter marketing reports are updated once per hour which will give you a very good idea of how the campaign is doing.


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To view your Twitter marketing reports, start by going to the Twitter Dashboard. From there you will see a tab titled Reports. Click on that tab which will take you to the main Reporting page, where you can see a list of all your Twitter campaigns. Search for the project title that you are looking for and click on the View Report icon to see the full details. On each reporting screen, you will see a campaign overview, a performance bar graph, and each Tweet's details.The campaign overview section includes:
  • An overview of the status of the campaign
  • Whether Auto Follow has been enabled
  • The date of the last modification
  • The date the campaign was created
  • The number of total Tweets and Retweets
Below that, the performance bar graph includes:
  • The number of Tweets
  • The number of Retweets
  • The number of link clicks
The Tweet details section includes a list of all the tweets in the campaign. The list shows:
  • The Tweet ID
  • The text of the Tweet
  • From which account the Tweet is being sent
  • The date the Tweet was posted
  • The number of Retweets
  • The number of clicks
  • The reach of each Tweet
The Activity tab at the top of the Reports page allows you to look further into who Retweeted your posts. The information in this tab includes:
  • The ID of the Twitter user
  • The Twitter handle used to Retweet the post
  • The name associated with the Twitter handle
  • The number of followers that the Twitter user has
  • The number of accounts the Twitter user is following
  • Whether the user is following your account
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