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Unlimited Link Creation

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With SimplyCast's link tracking and lead tracking software, you can create unlimited tracking links to help monitor the success of your online marketing. Take any URL you want to track, enter it into our system and have a unique tracking link created that you can add to email newsletters, online surveys or social media sites. A tracking link can be used anywhere you want to monitor how your content does in terms of clicks. Without knowing how a particular piece of marketing is doing (blog post, white paper or press release) you won't know if it is worth doing again. There are many options to track user traffic but with our link tracking, it is already integrated into a marketing platform that offers numerous other tools. Link tracking & lead tracking is part of the email marketing tool and the Twitter marketing tool within SimplyCast. For every click or track that takes place, a credit is removed from your subscription.


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Every tracking link you create will be stored on your dashboard for easy access. You can make as many tracking links as you want and organize them with group names. When a tracking link is created and added to your list, you will see the tracking link number, the URL you added, a group name is added, if it is enabled or not, the actual tracking code you will use and a custom tracking code if you created one. To view all your tracking codes, start by going to the link tracking dashboard. There you will see all your tracking links, email tracking links, reports, daily reports, and settings. You can toggle between these sections using the tabs. Here you can add, delete or save a link to your account.
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